Bibliographie, Buchwesen Lexika, Typographie
Holland, Lewin, und Chreryl Lewin
Great Package Design
(Rockport, MASS., Rockport Publishers, 1994)
40,00 € *
The House that Quality built
and continues to build today in terms of modern mechanization
(Chicago etc.), The Lakeside Press, 1960
12,00 € *
Schottenloher, Karl
Flugblatt und Zeitung
Ein Wegweiser durch das gedruckte Tagesschriftum
Berlin, Richard Carl Schmidt, 1922
25,00 € *
Silvestri, Giovanni
Catalogo generale dei libri italiani vendibili
da Gio. Silvestri in Milano corsia del duomo, n. 994
Mailand, Tipografia Silvestri, 1837
140,00 € *
American Printmaking
The First 150 Years
Preface by A. Hyatt Mayor. Foreword by Donald H. Karshan. Introduction by J. William Middendorf II. Text by Wendy J. Shadwell
New York, The Museum of Graphic Art, (1969)
18,00 € *
Butsch, Albert Fidelis
Handbook of Renaissance Ornament
1290 copyright-free designs for artists and craftsmen. With a new introduction and captions by Alfred Werner
New York, Dover, (1969)
20,00 € *
Blumenthal, Joseph (Hrsg.)
The Spiral Press
An exhibition of selected books and ephemera designed and printed at The Spiral Press in New York from 1926 to 1968. With an introductory commentary by Joseph Blumenthal
(New York, Library of Congress, 1968)
18,00 € *
M & L Book of Faces, The
Monotype - Linotype - Ludlow
together with the hand set faces, special characters, rules, ornaments and borders
Chicago, M & L Typesetting & Electrotyping Co., 1968)
146,00 € *
Wroth, Lawrence
A History of Printing in Colonial Maryland 1686-1776
Baltimore, Typothetae, 1922
180,00 € *
Charters. Lasting impressions
[Musterkatalog der Firma]
(Toronto, Charters, 1986)
80,00 € *